Best Vibrators That AREN’T PINK!!!

Your endless search for NOT pink vibrators has finally come to an end! Here are some of our favorites in black, blue, purple, and white.

Hey, we’re not here to judge any pink-lovers, but we do happen to know about a very common complaint of pleasure connoisseurs: Why do all the vibrators always gotta be pink?! Well, guess what—they don’t! In fact, some of the best vibrators come in black, blue, purple, and white!

JJ12185_06 (1)
FORM 2 Luxury Edition | $189.00

Our luxury edition of the #1 bestselling FORM 2! This exclusive re-imagination of our two-eared favorite features special edition packaging, smooth black silicone, a sleek black charger, and a 24 karat gold-plated contact.

While the original FORM 2 does come in pink, it also comes in slate!

FORM 2 | $149.00

There’s also a beginner-friendly version of FORM 2—the INTRO 2—which finds inspiration from the “sensation in stereo” design of FORM 2, still made of silicone but with slimmer ears and softer vibrations.

jj12443 (1)
INTRO 2 | $59.00

The ASCEND 1 is the ultimate discrete vibe that’s perfect for the shower or bath and especially fun with a friend. The slim pebble shape is curved to cusp the contours of the body and fits perfectly into the palm of the hand for conveniently sneaking into the bathroom and easy use during partner play.

ASCEND 1 | $79.00

Truly the most versatile vibe ever designed, FORM 5 is suitable for use by anyone of any gender. The pleasure dome offers pinpoint stimulation while the fluttering wings can tickle or wrap around erogenous zones. Check out this diagram for suggested clitoral, frenulum, and couples uses. Comes in purple or slate.

FORM 5 | $145.00

Rol-o is the perfect vibe for deep muscle massage. The smooth, silicone wheel easily rolls across the contours of the body to relax and invigorate the muscles, while the powerful vibration stimulates the nerves to increase circulation and reduce stress. The wheel features small silicone nubs for added texture that stimulates the epidermis during massage, and the EZ Grip Handle makes it super easy to maneuver,

Evoke Rol-o | $99.00

Its unintimidating form and obvious ease-of-use makes the Iconic Bullet a very popular first-time vibrator. Both powerful and discreet, it’s also the perfect addition to any glove compartment, handbag, or carry-on.

JJ11445_03 (1)
Iconic Bullet | $16.00

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