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3 New Takes on the Rabbit Vibe

The best vibe style made even better! These three rabbit vibrators take dual stimulation to the next level.

The Warming Rabbit

Glo Rabbit | $120.00

JJ10302_Rabbits_GloRabbit_Bulk_B_TQ (1) 2

The first vibrator to combine warming sensations with the dual stimulation of a rabbit vibe. It heats up to just above body temperature for a gentle warmth that increases pleasure.


The Efficient Rabbit

G-Rabbit | $110.00

JJ10300_Rabbits_G-Rabbit_Bulk_B_TQ (1) 2

A small and simple design that gets the job done right every time. The thumb-like clit stimulator presses against the clitoris for powerful direct stimulation that rivals the fluttering “ears” of other rabbits.


The Strongest Rabbit

FORM 8 | $199.00

JJ12395_02 (3) 4

The classic rabbit design combined with our #1 seller, the FORM 2. The bulbous tip stimulates the G-spot while the flexible, individually powered ears offer stronger clit stimulation than any other rabbit.



INTRO 8 | $89.00

JJ12491_02 (2) 2

A beginner-level version of the above FORM 8, it offers the same dynamic pleasure with a less intimidating size, intensity, and price point. Still silicone, still waterproof, just battery operated (and they’re included!)

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