Jimmy Vibrators

Top 3 StHIMulators

Upgrade your pleasure routine from J.O. to HELLO with these three upscale male-centric vibes.

3. Element MS

$99.00 | BUY NOW

This unique silicone stroker was specifically designed to stimulate the frenulum, which is the male equivalent of the clitoris. To maximize sensory experience, place the extra strong motor against the sensitive erogenous zone along the underside of the penis. The supple FlexFit wings wrap around and allow for a personalized fit and adjustable pressure.





#2. CONTROL Ultimate Silicone P-Spot Massager

$53.00 | BUY NOW

Prostate and perineum stimulation can improve sexual performance and trigger multiple prostate orgasms. With an internal shaft strategically curved to stimulate the prostate, the motor inside the curved tip offers digital vibration in 3 power levels and 7 functions while the ergonomic, pleasure-molded base provides vibration and consistent pressure directly to the perineal region for complete hands-free stimulation.



1. FORM 5

$145.00 | BUY NOW

The most versatile external vibrator ever designed. Two micro-thin, supple wings provide all-encompassing sensation, while a powerful motor sits within the tip of the firm pleasure dome to deliver precise stimulation.




*Listed prices are subject to change. 

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